Millions in Revenues, a Potential Uplisting and Fighting Climate Change Makes PNDHF a Low-Priced Small-Cap Company to Pay Attention to!

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc.
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Killer hurricanes and floods.. crazy wildfires... you're seeing it all on the news what devastating effects climate change is having on our planet.

We all know how important it is to help the planet and to reduce our carbon emissions.

One small-cap Canadian company has come up with a revolutionary technology platform that could significantly help fight climate change.

This under the radar company is under $1 but with recent developments (one to help fight the pandemic) and Main Street learning about this tech.. there is no telling where levels could head to!

The upside potential here could see returns of OVER 100% just in the short term!

The company could benefit from a long-term trend toward sustainability as more of the world recognizes the need for socially responsible companies!

"With the importance of low-carbon technologies growing with every passing day, companies offering bioreactors and natural solutions to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions are getting more and more contracts and are seeing their revenues begin to scale rapidly."

"One Canadian company "is a storehouse of intellectual property and is providing exceptional carbon dioxide abatement technology to convert these emissions into valuable products with application in animal feeds, and nutraceuticals. It is also growing genetically modified algae that express complex proteins used in diagnostics and therapeutics."


 So who is this undiscovered Green Tech company that provides profitable solutions to global health and deals with wellness challenges of nutrition and climate change?

Pond Technologies Holdings Inc.

Located in Markham, Ontario, Pond Technology is a technology leader in controlled environment cultivation of micro-algae. In over ten years of R&D, Pond has developed a robust disruptive technology platform based on artificial intelligence, proprietary LED-lights and patented CO2-Management. The use of concentrated CO2 from industrial waste streams enables Pond to boost productivity of micro-algae well beyond the capacity of outdoor algae growers and allows industrial emitters to abate and ultimately recycle CO2. The company is currently selling micro-algae derived antioxidant astaxanthin under its Regenurex brand. Pond recently added a Biotech division focused on the growth of unique strains of micro-algae to be used as a reproductive medium for the expression of human anti-bodies and proteins.

PNDHF - A Low Priced Sleeper on the Verge of a Major Wake Up!

Don't let this potential sleeping giant fool you...

PNDHF soared to a 52- week high of $0.6366 just a few months ago.

The stock has been seeing some volume growth but this could be nothing compared to what could lie ahead as Wall Street learns about the company's ground-breaking technology.

Reducing our carbon footprint has become one of the most pivotal missions for this planet and PNDHF has a way to make it happen on a grand level...

Trading at just under 40 cents, the upside potential here could be staggering!

Hitting the stock's 52-week high again could mean gains of 98%!

PNDHF - Revenues Are Already in the Millions

For the months ended June 30, 2021, year-to-date revenues were $2,169,000 (2020: $1,894,000) which was an increase of $275,000 (14.5%).

The year-to-date revenue increase is a result of increases in both the sale of ingredients and astaxanthin products. (We'll get to this shortly)

The company could significantly ramp up revenues as its technology gains more attention...

PNDHF - Addressing the Massive Issue of Climate Change

PNDHF is a pioneer within the algae-based green tech space!

Through its proprietary algae growth platform, the company is able to reduce the level of carbon dioxide from the environment, which is timely given that major industries producing carbon dioxide through operations are mandated to have a green strategy to abate carbon emissions.

Here's a video that explains what the company does pretty well: How Pond Technologies is going to help address the massive global issue of climate change - YouTube

PNDHF - Company is Transforming CO2 Into Profit

PNDHF is a Canadian technology company that has developed a proprietary algae growth platform to transform CO2 into valuable products!

All information can be found at: Pond-Corporate-Presentation-07.21.21.pdf (

How It Works

Pond has developed a proprietary system that can profitably transform CO2 into valuable products. We grow of algae in large vessels (bioreactors), which are engineered to automatically regulate the inflow of CO2 or nutrients while reducing the need for manual supervision. Our deep expertise in lighting coupled with a series of sensors allow us to optimize growth conditions. After only a few days, the algae are ready for harvest and can then be processed into marketable products, just like any other crop.

The company enables industry to monetize their waste emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. The company also enables Nutraceutical companies to reliably and sustainably produce high quality contaminant-free products for human consumption as well as enables Diagnostic and Therapeutics companies to produce complex proteins at higher quality and lower cost than current alternatives.

The company harnesses CO2 emissions to fuel the production of algae. Pond’s state of the art photobioreactors apply advanced photosynthesis in a highly controlled environment under tightly monitored conditions to produce protein rich algae, a saleable asset to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, animal feeds, and more.

PNDHF boosts the productivity of micro-algae through growth optimization technology.

The Benefits of Using This Growth Platform

  • Platform is the first to use unfiltered emissions straight from industrial smokestacks.
  • Company fit the productivity of a football-field sized open system into a parking space.
  • Algae can be processed into products with higher price points than most industrial commodities.
  • One tonne of algae sequesters nearly two tonnes of CO2 which is the equivalent of not burning 4.5 barrels of oil. Algae produced from a large one million litre facility could sequester 2,700 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent of taking 600 cars off the road for a year.
  • Company can build their bioreactors in any geography and climate.
  • System bolts onto existing industrial facilities.
  • Faster crop growth results in more revenue & more carbon abatement.
  • Company identifies the right algae strains that thrive off the mix of gases at your site, incl. smog-causing NOx and SOx.

PNDHF - Three Divisions... Three Promising Revenue Streams

Source: Pond-Corporate-Presentation-07.21.21.pdf (

1. POND NATURALS - Manufacturers, distributes, and sells nutraceuticals and nutraceuticals ingredients • Currently the company’s primary source of revenue!

STRATEGIC GOAL - To make Pond Naturals the premier solution for domestic production and distribution of a variety of highest quality bulk and consumer natural products.

BUSINESS FOCUS - White label and Regenurex branded consumer products • Development of value-added formulations • Trusted high quality ingredients including proprietary extraction methods that increase confidence • Increasing number of algae extracted products • Domestic source to reduce supply chain risk for buyers and certainty of quality.

2. POND CARBON - Commercial engineering projects that reduce carbon by growing algae with stack gas, utilizing Pond’s innovative on-site Modular Photobioreactors. • Revenue lines include technology access fees, royalties from licensing technology, consulting services, and sale of proprietary equipment.

STRATEGIC GOAL - To make Pond Technologies the global leading solution for commercial scale deployment of algae photobioreactors that can reduce carbon emissions and produce algae in the food, feed and biofertilizer market.

BUSINESS FOCUS - Supporting the deployment of algae systems on customers’ sites, including proprietary bioreactors and supporting systems • Provide service and support to ensure ongoing royalties • Development of specific market opportunities for algae-based products.

IDEAL CUSTOMERS - Have a carbon footprint, stack gas and a use for algae-based products.

3. POND BIOTECH - The combination of higher productivity and simpler growing conditions of algae-based production results in an unprecedented cost advantage in the production of complex proteins to be applied to various human and animal therapeutic and diagnostic uses.

STRATEGIC GOAL - To make Pond Biotech the leading biological solution for the low-cost manufacture of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics through the use of algal production systems. The combination of higher productivity and simpler growing conditions are expected to result in a cost advantage in production.

BUSINESS FOCUS  - To make Pond Biotech the leading biological solution for the low-cost manufacture of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics through the use of algal production systems. The combination of higher productivity and simpler growing conditions are expected to result in a cost advantage in production.

The use of micro-algae to produce medical therapeutics is expected to have significant technical advantages over current methods of production that use genetically modified yeast, bacteria, or mammalian cell lines.

Algae are just as easy to genetically engineer as these other organisms, but they offer two important distinct advantages:

  • Micro-Algae are more forgiving and can produce considerably more of the molecules of interest. They are far simpler to grow at scale.
  • Micro-Algae produce a significantly superior product. E. coli and yeasts are less evolved organisms when compared to algae, and thus cannot reliably produce complex human proteins.

PNDHF - The Lucrative Demand for Astaxanthin

PNDHF cultivates and sells Astaxanthin under its own brand - Regenurex and through white label arrangements.

Astaxanthin is Nature’s Strongest Antioxidant!

  • Health supplement in the nutraceutical market
  • Nature’s most potent antioxidant. Scientists have linked it to delayed aging, dementia prevention, and an enhanced immune system.
  • Aquaculture feed additive, as Astaxanthin is critical for salmon, trout and shrimp
  • Natural preservative for CBD oils – it inhibits lipid peroxidation, thus extending shelf life and adding it’s own health benefits to the blend

The company extracts astaxanthin oleoresin through a proprietary wet extraction process without using harsh chemicals or dehydration techniques.

  • Astaxanthin is extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis, a strain of algae that naturally grows in freshwater & marine environments. Astaxanthin content is usually around 3% to 5%.
  • A growing body of research is uncovering more health benefits of Astaxanthin, while other algae-based supplements like Spirulina are commonly recognized amongst health-conscious consumers. These forces are driving the significant growth in the nutraceuticals vertical.
  • Salmon and shrimp feed off it to get their signature pink colour, so that Astaxanthin is crucial to the aquaculture industry. Because natural Astaxanthin is so scarce, many fish farms are forced to use synthetic, petroleum-based Astaxanthin, which results in a lower quality product. Farmed salmon are notably less pink and would  have nearly white meat if not for synthetic dyes. Demand for natural Astaxanthin in this vertical is high but cost-prohibitive with legacy technology.
  • Pond’s design for its first commercial plant in Markham has an annual capacity of 66 tonnes of Haematococcus algae!

Furthermore, the company is developing additional algae products like phycocyanin, the only FDA-approved blue food coloring substance!

PNDHF - Market Applications for the Company's Technology are Colossal!

The market for algae is a multibillion-dollar industry, and PNDHF's patented technology can capture various market segments.

Plus the proprietary technology is protected by an extensive IP portfolio including 19 active patents in the key markets like the United States, Europe, Taiwan, China, and the Middle East!

PNDHF - What Pond Can Do for Companies

Pond Provides New Value

Emitting large volumes of carbon dioxide, it’s no longer a risk or liability. It’s a potential revenue stream

Installing Pond’s system makes you a sustainability leader. Capture this value in your sustainability reporting and marketing strategy.

Pond Facilitates a Turnkey Solution

Pond can work with an EPC contractor of your choice or recommend a firm we have worked with before.

Pond can provide third-party financing, such as through our partner Inventiv Capital in the United States.

Pond is in the Algae Business, Not You

Pond can operate the algae plant and arrange for algae sales.

You focus on your business, not the algae business

Getting Started

The first steps involve a feasibility study to look at costs and revenue potential at your site.

Pond can install a mobile algae unit, proving that algae can grow on your stack gas.

PNDHF- Agreement with a North American Fortune 500 Company!

In a major step forward both in the fight against COVID-19 and for the up-and-coming Ontario-based environmental, social and governance (ESG) company Pond Technologies Inc.  announced a CAD $1 million agreement with a major North American oil and gas company to grow COVID-19 antigens that will be used to develop a rapid diagnostics test for the virus.

PNDHF has executed this commercial agreement with a major Canadian oil sands producer and fortune 500 company to grow covid-19 antigens that are expressed from a unique strain of algae!

These antigens will be used for rapid diagnostic testing. As part of this agreement, Pond will collect up to CAD $1 Million in milestone payments and success fees over the next 8 months: $150,000 on signing, and the balance on achieving production volume and quality milestones.

This agreement will develop commercial production capacity for the antigens required for a COVID-19 rapid diagnostic test.

Pond is working to conclude a commercial supply agreement with a manufacturer of the diagnostic test kits that will use the recombinant proteins or antigens manufactured by Pond.

As part of this agreement, PNDHF also expects to be able to enter into commercial agreements to sell antigens and/or antibodies from genetically modified algae to generate additional revenue!

"This represents a significant milestone for Pond. With the development of both rapid and reliable gene sequencing technology and precise gene editing techniques (i.e., CRISPR/CAS-9), it is now possible to modify micro-algae to produce human proteins. Single celled algae are much easier to grow than mammalian cell lines, and unlike bacteria, algae mirror many of the secondary structures found in higher organisms. Algae are able to make the right protein, with the right folding, so that its therapeutic activity is maintained. With this landmark agreement, we have demonstrated that we can grow commercially relevant proteins for clinical use. We expect to extend this further as we develop a platform to produce recombinant proteins for both diagnostics and therapeutics."

Nigel deGruyther V.P. Pond Biotech

Because proteins can perform more complex and specific functions than chemicals, they’re often more effective and come with fewer harmful side effects.

Currently, drug developers rely on genetically modified yeast, bacteria or mammalian cell lines to grow the proteins that form the basis of those treatments. However, these methods can be difficult to scale and don’t always reliably produce the kind of complex human proteins needed.

Algae, on the other hand, is simpler to grow at scale and, with the advent of fast and reliable gene sequencing and gene editing technology like CRISPR/CAS-9, it’s easier to genetically engineer algae to produce human proteins. Because algae mirrors many of the secondary structures seen in higher organisms, it’s also better suited for making the right proteins with the right folding on a consistent, reliable basis.

PNDHF- Other Exciting Developments...

Peter Howard, VP Project Developments at Pond Technologies has said, "Pond continues to progress both our core technology and the specific commercial market applications. This summer, we hope to announce new disruptive partnerships in the food and feed sector, where algae from Pond's technology is an ingredient with significant advantages over incumbents, in regard to lack of contamination and consistent quality."

In June 2021, PNDHF announced that it had received a purchase order for an initial engineering study from CSV Midstream Solutions Corp ("CSV"). With 3 operating plants in Alberta, CSV is a Calgary-based, midstream natural gas and liquids infrastructure company with a mission to create a sustainable footprint in the Western Canadian natural gas industry. The initial engineering study was for the design and construction of an algae plant utilizing CO2 from an on-site natural gas plant. The initial engineering study follows an executed LOI for Pond to support the design, procurement and construction of an algae plant utilizing emissions from one of CSV's natural gas facilities near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Upon completion of the engineering study and a positive Final Investment Decision by CSV, the first stage of development would be an algae plant that would enhance Pond's supply of astaxanthin. Pond would provide engineering services, proprietary equipment and operational support to the project. Both Pond and CSV anticipate further scale-up opportunities to absorb more carbon emissions upon successful completion of the first stage.

John M. Farah Jr, Ph.D has also recently been appointed to the Board of Directors, who has over 30 years of experience in health care and the biopharmaceutical industry.

"We are very excited to welcome John to our Board of Directors. John has a very successful track record in drug development, licensing, commercialization and business development. His extensive pharmaceutical experience will be of great value as we work to quickly scale Pond Biotech which uses unique strains of algae to express complex proteins for diagnostics and therapeutics."

Grant Smith, Pond CEO


While major players like ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) have already been looking into the potential of algae as an eco-friendly biofuel, PNDHF has developed a diverse portfolio of algae-based products across multiple markets, all while providing a readily available means of reducing CO2 emissions TODAY!

This small-cap Canadian company has a narrative that reads very much like a big board player and could be on the verge of gaining major attention on Main Street.

Especially with its most recent agreement with a Fortune 500 company to fight against the coronavirus pandemic!


The Fortune 500 agreement acts as an important source of validation for the technology Pond uses to grow antigens and other proteins.

"The recent validation of our technology by one of Canada's largest companies represents the culmination of our efforts over the past twelve months and serves to advance our discussions with other multinationals," said CEO Grant Smith.

PNDHF is already in talks with other multinational companies and expects this deal could ramp up momentum leading to more revenue generating opportunities that will help Pond scale this technology further. 

This looks like it may be the beginning of a very exciting future for this undiscovered small-cap company....

With a History of Big Moves and a Monster 100%+ Upside, PNDHF could see its Biggest Day EVER  during today's trading session!

Good Trading,


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